Currency Trading / Forex Trading in Malaysia - Money Making Idea STRICTLY for NEWBIES / BEGINNERS

Malaysia has become a Forex trading hub recently. We can see many Forex / Currency Trading coaches like Kishore M. - The Best Forex Guru in Asia - have been organised many coaching and Forex workshop locally. But, the problem is most Forex courses teach you the basics and let yourself in jigsaw-puzzle-solving situation. With this shallow knowledge many - who thought they have mastered the trading completely - lost millions of ringgit in live trading. 

Here i'm not going to teach you how to trade Forex but to make money smartly doing Forex. I may sound foolish, but believe me, I'm doing this since 2010.     

Who should Read this? 

  • Those who are totally NEWBIES to currency trading
  • Those who have learnt to trade Forex but still facing losses in trades.
  • Those who interested to to make good profit out of currency fluctuation.
  • Those who are looking for some extra income.
  • Those who intended not to learn to trade Forex but make money out of it.
  • Those who are don't like to spend your day, glued to PC

We cannot deny many have become rich trading Forex in Malaysia, quietly. But according to the statistics, only 5%-10% of the traders succeed in this field. The rest 90-95% fail to survive. There are ten-of-thousands out there, like you, spending thousands of ringgit, learning the technical and fundamental analysis with the hope can make good gain in Forex Trading later. The truth is it is not as easy as you think. If one can master the technical and fundamental analysis, why there are still many lose their money?- have you thought about this before?. It is not just about predicting the correct direction of the currency but more than that.

Why most Malaysia Traders LOSS in currency trading?

Yes, answer this question. Why most Malaysians fail?. 99% of us, Malaysians are not full time traders. We are trapped between day jobs and night family's responsibilities. We have very short time doing all sort of activities like reading, learning, analizing and planning our trades. 

Generally, we 

  1. Fail to plan the strategy, do analysis and keep record
  2. Fail to manage the risk
  3. Fail to plan our approach
  4. Fail to chart the technical analysis
  5. Fail to observe the fundamental analysis
  6. Fail to be alert on psychological pitfalls. 

If we failed as a trader, how we can expect to make good profit trading Forex?

A Little Secret for Malaysian Traders

Now, time to share with you the little secret which I shared with few of my Malaysian friends who are currently making a constant income without knowing what is Forex / master all type of analysis and risk management. The answer is OUTSOURCING your trades! Just kidding..

Which you prefer? To learn to bake cake, then bake and eat or buy a cake from bakery shop and eat?  Why spend days on learning baking when you can simply buy the best cake from a shop?

Using the same concept, Why you want to spend years on learning the trading techniques when you can outsource it to world expert traders to trade for you for FREE? 

How?  eToro - The world #1 Forex Broker - has created a social trading platform called "Open Book Etoro" by merging the concept of Facebook. To view how exactly Open Book works, click the video below.

The little secret behind my system is Copy The Best Expert Traders on open book etoro and make profit without any hassle of trading on your part!  By making use of the top expert's trading experience and skills, I made a huge profit with my initial investment of usd200 three years ago. If these top traders couldn't make a profit, how could I on my own, right?

The expert traders on etoro openbook are full time traders and they were testified by etoro before they become etoro gurus. 

The experts will do everything for you for FREE, they 

  1. will plan the strategy, do analysis and keep record of their (your) trades
  2. know how to manage the risk of their (your) investment
  3. will plan their own approach
  4. will chart the technical analysis
  5. will be sensitive to the fundamental analysis
  6. always be alert on psychological pitfalls. 

Now your job is
  1. Pick who to copy
  2. Copy and Set Amount
  3. Lean Back and see the Magic, LIVE!

We can conclude, your part as 0% effort and 100% profit.